How To Create a Food Themed Charm Bracelet

How To Create a Food Themed Charm Bracelet

Recently my sister graduated from a very prestigious culinary school as a full fledged chef. I really wanted to get her something special and absolutely loved the idea of a beautiful bracelet with a collection of charms. However, since I really hadn't looked around for charms that had to do with being a chef, I wasn't sure if I could really do the bracelet justice.

I talked it over with Mom and Dad and we all decided to simply sit down and come up with a list of all the things that were associated with cooking and working in the food industry. From this list we would then select a variety of charms that would focus in on my sister's achievement in graduating as well as her love of food and cooking.

It didn't take long until we had a list of twenty or more items that we thought would be perfect to target the topic of food, graduation and being a chef. The charms ranged from cooking equipment through to specific types of foods, now all we had to do is start shopping.

Before heading out though be all agreed that there was the option to go with silver charms or gold charms, or even combining them both. My sister really only ever wears gold, so we deciding to keep in classic and go with a gold bracelet and a collection of gold charms.

I decided to by all the charms that had to do with food preparation. This was really lots of fun and much easier than I thought. Surprisingly both online and store collections of charms featured an array of food preparation equipment.

After much consideration I decided to select an electric blender, a miniature version of a stove, a frying pan and a measuring cup. For good measure I also bought a spatula and a cute little set of matching champagne glasses.

Dad was responsible for buying food charms, and he really managed to find some wonderful charms. He selected an apple, a chocolate chip, a sheaf of wheat as well as a pineapple and a carrot. Since pineapples are my sister's favorite, I know this gold charm will be a hit.

Mom focused in on the graduation and career aspect and selected charms in this area. Her contribution included a chef's hat, a graduation scroll and apron and of course a miniature table and chair to represent the restaurant my sister soon hopes to open. She also included a wonderful charm with a message of love and support for my sister, perfect to top off our food collection of charms.


Amber is writer for Charms to Treasure, with more than 15 years experience in the jewelry and charm industry. She has written a number of articles providing educational information on charms for bracelets and charm bracelets.

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