What is a Cabochon?

What is a Cabochon?

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    Have you ever wondered how would jewelry be appealing if it easily gets scratched or its polished-look easily vanishes? Well, I even bet, you wouldn’t like to spend your bucks for affordable accessories!

    Handmade jewelries and crafts are often judged according to its uniqueness and its over-all style and appearance that may somehow move the prospect buyers to buying it. Basically, people are more of buying those handmade accessories that are new to their sight, and have has a good resistance to scratches so its real and innate beauty won’t easily vanish.

    Crafters should keep in mind that the look of their jewelry should really jive in the taste of everyone. That’s why, it should be a “must” for you to know some of the keys in order for you to create a very nice jewelry without risking its shape, color, texture, and other physical attributes that are not that visible in the sight.

    One of the most famous and most preferred cuts in gemstones that are really effective in giving the most appropriate look for fashion-sensed people is the Cabochon. Cabochon is a convex cut for gemstone that is often used for opaque and softer gems, especially those whose hardness is lower than 7 in Mohs Scale of Hardness. It’s the gemstones that you see whose back is a flat-surfaced one. Those gemstones whose hardness is lower than 7 can easily be scratched, and so, it appears so unpleasant to see those gemstones with light scratches even though they are new. That’s why, they are polished and glazed as cabochon to make those unpleasant scratches less seen.

    Cabochon is one of the most popular and the basic type of cut for gemstones. It is done by merely trimming it with the use of grinding wheels, then polishing it to make the biting appearance. Usually, its shape is more of an ellipse one. People may somehow find ellipse gemstones better and much more appealing than perfect round ones, as slight asymmetries in ellipse will not be that visible to buyers, unlike the perfect round accessories.

    If you are into bead making, or handmade crafting, then cabochon can also be a good choice for you! Not only will it give your customers the great satisfaction they need, but as well as it caters your need to easily create fashionable and ready-to-wear accessories.

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