The Origin of Donuts

The Origin of Donuts

By: Sweetest Charms Scribblers Nonah Mae Espina

Donuts, oh nuts!!!

Hmmn yummy! Simply scrumptious!  Every individual has these different taste; bitter, sour, salty, and the sweet. There is a saying that goes; a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. It is not just applicable to men but also to people of all ages. Everyone has sweet tooth and you can’t deny that fact. Man, women, children and even grannies love sweets. Foodstuffs that contain sugar, honey and other kind of sweeteners are surely sugary. Candies are the favorite stuffs for children especially if it is made up of different kinds of colors which make it more appealing to every kid. Cakes are forever the apple of the eye for all and sundry. There are different kinds of cakes cheese cakes, the yummy and super delicious sponge cakes, butter cakes, coffee cakes , carrot cakes and the all time favorite the chocolate cakes. Most people bake cakes but most of them love to eat these tasty delights.

However, before this well known big cakes were invented doughnuts or donuts came first.  Donuts are made through frying its dough. Unlike the cakes they aren’t shape into big circles or big squares and rectangles instead they are flattened spheres and are shaped in to rings through joining both ends of its dough. Some donuts are made up of plain flour, sugar, egg and a little amount of water. While some has different fillings on it make it more mouth-watering not just with the mouth but also with the eyes.

Did you know that donuts begin in New England? Yes, thanks to a Dutch sailor Captain Hanson Gregory and his mother. Hanson’s beloved mother is Elizabeth; she is a very good baker and she love to bake ‘olykoek’ for his son and give it to him every time he has a journey in the sea. The oily cakes are just simple cakes just like any other cakes. Hanson doesn’t like steering the wheel of the ship while eating his mother’s delights but he needs to since he is the captain. So as result, he place the oily cake on the steering wheel of the ship and he had notice that it is easier to eat the cake with a hole on it since it is easier to hold. From then he ordered the chief of the ship to make a cake with a hole in the center. That is when the donuts are created from.

As of today, donuts are not just made from simple dough and then deep fried in the boiling oil. In different countries all around the world, various kinds of donuts are created. From Asia to Europe, they have made their donuts extra special and very unique. Different sizes of donuts are then created, there are big donuts with holes in the center and some are smaller in dimension.

Donuts are also deep in different kinds of syrups such as chocolate, vanilla and strawberry syrups and then sprinkled with sugars, rice crispy and chocolate bits. Aren’t they amazing? Aren’t they mouth watering? It sure has a lot of calories on it but for sure resisting from these yummy delights is the hardest thing you can’t ever do. Share it together with your family and friends while talking with each other and reminiscing some old yet happy memories. It is surely fun!

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