Types of Birthstones

What are the types of Birthstones?

Wealth of birth

By: Sweetest Charms Scribblers – Nonah Mae Espina

Are you worried that you cannot find the perfect gift for your daughter or son’s birthday? Worrying too much will just add wrinkles in your foreheads. There are many gifts ideas that would probably makes your love one happy and love you more. Why don’t you surprise them with a party? Invite their closest friends and let them enjoy and have fun. Aside from that give them something that symbolizes them, jewelry perhaps. You don’t have to frown and knot your foreheads since there are a lot of alternative jewelries are the hand made beads or the handmade charms. They are less expensive and stylish too.

A present is a thing that makes people happy, especially when it comes from the deepest part of your heart. It doesn’t have to be luxurious personalized gifts are more appreciated. Hand made beads and hand made charms can be made personally. Have you heard about the birth stones? I guess you have, these are various kinds of stones or gems that represent or associated with the twelve months of the year.

Garnet which means ‘dark red’, if you are born on the month of January you must have possessed this gemstone. Garnets symbolizes success for any business, it can also make a person more well-known and once worn it could add self confidence to the bearer. It could also be used as a jewelry which is made by hand.

February is the month for love since we celebrate one of the universal holidays all around the world the Valentines Day every 14th of February. Amethyst is the birthstone set for this month. You could have observed that amethyst has a purple or lavender color, the meaning of this stone is ‘without drunkenness’, and many people worn this gem to protect themselves against poisons. It is also branded as the power stones and used as aid in meditation. It could be put on as a bracelet or a necklace.

March is for aquamarine; this stone is identified as the ‘water of the sea’ because of its blue-green color. This stone can help touching your soul, aside from amethyst it can also be use for medication purposes. It also has the power to mend it helps to lessen fluid preservation and calm those nerves if you aren’t feeling good.

Diamond is a woman’s bestfriend, during the month of April this stone is in line. It has a special property which makes it as the hardest stone and the most admired one too. It might vary in different colors such as blue or green but the most used in making jewelry are the white or the crystal clear diamonds. It represents innocence and some said that these good in treating mucus or even cough problems.

May stands for emerald; it is a gem of love and hope. It also serves as a mind peace maker for any puzzled mind. If you are planning to give a gift for your special one this is the best present. Emeralds can give out wisdom to the owner too.

Unlike other gems the pearl is not made up of stone that just arises from the deep core of the earth. Pearls represent the month of June and it could be cultured through oysters and other mollusks. It is called as the ‘tear drops of the moon’; it has a spherical and radiant color just like the moon during night.

July is the month of the birthstone of Ruby. It has a very wonderful color, the color of deep red provide a sophisticated and elegant to the owner. The wearer of this stone may emit a very radiant vibration and possessed good health making them free from any fatal illnesses.

Peridot is a funny name for a birthstone that signifies the month of August. It acquires a tantalizing green color and stand for protection, money and healing.
Born under the month of September your birthstone must be sapphire. Sapphire which means blue in Greek is a very enticing stone. It refers to as the stone of destiny and it could have a very nice meaning behind it. Sapphire emits healing, power and love aura.

Healing, luck for love and money is what this stone possess. The stone under the month of October is the opal. Opal is a valuable stone with different kinds of colors, name it opal has it. It contains water one of the reason why is it sensitive to heat.
Yellow Topaz is the birthstone under the month of November where in people celebrates the Halloween season. It has calming properties that express energy towards the most needed place. Aside from its calming property it also has a healing property and it eliminates sluggish vibrations.

And lastly, the month of December is the month when the people rejoice and celebrate Christmas a time for joy and to have fun. Blue topaz means ‘to seek’; to seek the one special for you. It is cheaper compare to other expensive gems and could be hand made as a jewel or charm as gifts and presents. Isn’t it nice if you give a blue topaz to your family and love ones as a gift for Christmas? This would tell them how you really feel to them. That you love, care and appreciate them more than any thing else.

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