What are the different kinds of gem stones?

Different kinds of gem stones

Gemstones Get Together and more!

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Gemstones are valuable kind of stones. There is a lot of numerous kind of gemstone that you can find all around the world. Some of it is very expensive while others are not that luxurious or its kind a cheaper compare to the others. Let’s name these gemstones from A-Z.

Amazonite, this gemstone has a very nature color. Its color varies between green and blue which is very cool to look at. Since it represents the color of the sky it reflects peace and unity. It also reaches the equilibrium or the balance between the feminine and masculine energy. If used as a hand made charm. Both men and women can wear this charm.

Amber, this gemstone has a very sunny vibration. This stone bring luck to the owner; it has a honey like color. Just like the sun it gives sunny aura to its bearer.

Amethyst, this gemstone possesses an elegant deep purple color. It transmits high amount energy to people and it is used to clean the soul and open up mind.

Adventurine, this gemstone might be new to your ears. If you are feeling unlucky in everything that you do you should have this stones as a handmade charm of course. It could bring luck to you.

Azurite, this gemstone has a deep blue or electric blue sophisticated color. It also initiates wisdom to its owner and have a very powerful healing properties.

Black obsidian, this gemstone may describe as the protector. Once the lavas from any volcanic eruptions cool down, it can form into different kind of stones. And one of the gemstones that were formed from that is the black obsidian. It protects the owner against black or negative forms of energy.

Blood stone, this gemstone has a resemblance to blood. It is a green colored gem with red spots on it. History said that this gemstone came from the blood drops of Jesus Christ. Many people used it to represent justice and integrity.

Blue lace agate, this gemstone is unlike any other stone. This one can’t be found anywhere; it is one of the rarest of its kinds. Its light blue color looks like the color of the sky. This is used to release stress and achieve very calm senses.

Carnelian or cornelian, this gemstone carries out red-orange color. People before used this gem as a symbol of nobility and wealth. It also gives more strength and energy to its holder. Another interesting factor about this stone is that it can calm senses.

Celestine, this means heaven. This kind of gemstone has heavenly sky blue color and some are crystal white just like the clouds.

Citrine, also known as the stone of the mind or the lucky merchant’s stone. Due to its yellow to gold color as if illustrating gold and money many believed that this would bring luck and fortune to any business.

Diamond, it is the royalty of all the gems. It possessed power and perfection to its holder. Besides, diamond is highly expensive where in only a few can afford to purchase.

Emerald, this seaweed green like gemstone is really a great one. If you want to have a love life you must wear this gem as a bracelet or necklace. It has a very special property that attracts love.

Garnet, this gemstone means ‘dark red’ and due to its dark red color, people believed that it also give luck not just to their love life but so with their business. One advantage of this stone is that it is cheaper compare to the other stones.

Hematite is a stone made up for students or businessman that requires memorization on their field. It has a very elegant black color that could be used as a handmade charm and can be put on in any kind of occasions.

Jasper, this gemstone contains variety of colors in a single stone. Jetsetters and travelers should have this one on their possession. This stone would ensure their safety during their trips.

Lepidolite is a rare kind of gemstone that represents peace and harmony. This stone correspond to independence, it also protect the owner from any kind of bad vibrations. It can ease stress and serves as a lucky charm to its holder.

Malachite, this deep green gemstone is best for kid’s protection and so with the travelers. This has a stylish color and when used as jewelry it could blend to different kinds of outfits.

Moonstone, this milky white gemstone has a lot of properties that many people would love to have this. It provide as a lucky charm to attract fortune and wealth and so with any heart problems. Aside from that you could also use this symbol for protection and can release too much stress.

Onyx, it is a glossy black gem famous because of its simplicity yet it is very elegant. Its color is like a new moon, it is used to rid away bad vibrations. Using it as jewelry is a very good idea at all. Just looking at it makes your soul float and allows your senses to relax for a while.

Opal, this is gemstone is one of the most attractive stone an individual could ever have. Some of the opal varieties are very rare and only few exists. The rarest of the all the opals are the black one. Opals can be handmade into beads and charms which makes it very nice.

Peridot, this yellow green gemstone is for lonely people and those who are scared to make friends. This gemstone symbolizes friendliness.

Quartz, this gemstone is the most common and the most abundant gem that arises from the core of the earth. It varies from different kind of colors but the most common one is the colorless or the transparent one. Amethyst and citrine are some of the examples of quartz.

Rhodonite, this stone represents gracefulness and elegance. It has a very mesmerizing deep pink color which makes it very attractive to the eyes. You could sense its femininity not just because of its color but because of its aura too. It is one of the most famous gemstones all around the world that is used in making handmade charm. This stone is not just used for fashion and style; it has its own healing abilities since they believed that this stone can reinforce the immune system of its owner.

Ruby, this gemstone has a very nice red color. Its redness reflects the grace and style of the owner making them more attractive and very mesmerizing. If the diamonds are the king of all the gemstones, the rubies are the queens. This stone is surrounded with a strong aura of love and beauty too.

Sapphire, this gemstone has a fine blue color and very durable too. It is closely related to ruby since they almost have the same properties but they only differ or vary in color. They believed that the owner of the blue sapphire could acquire knowledge and wisdom and could obtain protection.

Selenite, this gemstone came from the Greek word ‘Selene’. Selene is the goddess of the moon. It looks like the moon and emits the same radiance of the moon. Selenite symbolizes peace because of its clear white color and it also blocks negativity.

Topaz, this gemstone is like the sun. They said that this stone contains almost all the colors. Due to its variety of colors it is one of the best gems that are used in making jewelries of the hand made charms. And because of its sun-like color they are worn because it adds life to some people.

Tourmaline, if we based to history of some Egyptians. They said that this gemstone carry out different kinds of colors because it undergo different kinds of journey beyond the center of the earth. After many years the tourmalines passed in the rainbows and thus it obtains the color of the rainbows. This myth might be true or not it depends to the people if they believe to it or not. Tourmaline can balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain and it gives it owner ‘insights’.

Turquoise, if you want to touch the sky just has a piece of this gemstone. Due to its sky blue color many people want to have this kind of gem.

Unakite, this gemstone is also called or known as the epidote. Epidote comes from the Greek word ‘epidos’. Epidos means growing together with some you really care. It has a moss green color which is very peculiar to some people especially to those who aren’t familiar with this stone. Giving it to your husband or wife is like telling him or her that you want to grow together with them. Isn’t it romantic?

Everyone has different tastes in colors, things and styles. Giving someone you really adore and you really care something that would make them smile is priceless. The price of the present you would offer to them doesn’t really matter since the thought itself that counts right? Have a good day!

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