Why do girls love pink?

Pink to love, love pink

By: Sweetest Charms Scribblers – Nonah Mae Espina

Children are very enthusiastic when it comes in choosing the things they want. Sometimes they tend to act like an adult and do what adult do. They wear the same clothes and the same accessories too. Just like adults many of these young girls in this generation apply make ups too. Sometimes they are undoubted naughty and cute at the same time. However kids are kids, they might mimic some of the actions of older people but they are still a child at heart. Kids love different shades and kind of colors. They love the rainbow, the stones that have different kinds of colors and more light colored objects. Little girls love the color pink. Barbie is one of the famous cartoon characters that are very known all around the globe. And many girls love Barbie as well as the pink color that represents this lovely doll.

It has been proven that when we talk about the color blue little boys are being represented by this shade.  And many studies appear that the idea that most of the young girls and even older women prefer the color of pink or any shade that is at least as lighter as red. One amazing fact about this is that it has a scientific basis behind this. Girls are born with a picky attraction for any pink colors. Many researchers stated that even though there are many evidences that the differences between the sexes in terms of visual skills, there was in conclusive proof of sex differences I any preference of color. There are many flowers that every girl likes. Pink roses, pink tulips, and more, these are some of the examples of the flowers.
Pink color symbolized sweetness. There are a lot of sweet things that obtain this very light warming color. Candies, dresses, cotton candies, strawberry cakes, and more are those sweet little things. Most of the little girls all around the world admire the color pink since it is not just a sweet but also a happy color too. Every one feels that they are little princesses and fairies if they are surrounded with this color. This color is like a color of royalty. That is what has been posted as a standard in some of the movies they saw.

Pink is the color of love, it is a quiet one. It is the combination of pink and white. While looking at this color you can probably achieved calm feelings and you can feel a satisfying relaxations. There are many charms and gemstones whose colors are pink. In some cultures, the color pink represents sugar and spice and everything nice. Most of the people think that it is a very feminine color. Hand made beads and charms are very nice for children and little girls too. Although pink is a feminine color but it can be match to boys too. This is a good color for styles and can be go with different kind of outfits.

Cell phone charms and key chains, scarves, socks and hats these are some of the little girl’s accessories that can be made out from the sweet color of pink. This color just shows the sweetness, elegance and the innocence of every little girl’s side.

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