What is polymer clay?

“Secret haven for style”

By: Sweetest Charms Scribblers – Nonah Mae Espina

Are you in a hurry for an instant style and yet you don’t have the money to buy for accessories? Do you want to give your mother, friend, sister, wife, girlfriend a special gift for their special day but then you don’t know what to give? You want it to be special but you don’t have to pay too much? Why not look for accessories or hand made charms and beads that are made up of polymer clays? Yes, polymer clays are currently used as an embellishment for any accessories including earrings, necklaces and bracelets. It is one of the best replacements for gemstones and crystals.

Polymer clays are not literarily made up of clay it is only called that way because they shared almost the same properties. They have the same textures too. The real definition and meaning of polymer clays is that it is a material that can be made through many objects. Polymer polyvinyl chloride or PVC is its main substance. Many skilled craftsmen nowadays used polymer clay together with gemstones and crystals as designs and decorations for their handmade charms and accessories. Aside from that polymer clays are also utilized as coverings for much furniture such as tables and more. Since it shared the same properties with the clay it can be made into plates, pots and vases too. Paintings are amazing and many people don’t know that polymer clays through making it as polymer paste can be applied into paintings too. There are a lot of usages of polymer clays today.

If you are a skilled craftsman or a very good designer you may use polymer clay to make beads. While it is still on its soft stage you can make a lot of designs on it. Re-shape it over and over again until it satisfied you and then bake it to harden the clay. It is just a simple method and may be hard for some. Polymer clay has variety of colors which makes it very mix it up together. There are many designs that make a certain polymer clay beads very interesting and very fascinating to look at to and wear to.

Another interesting fact about beads that are made up of polymer clay is that it isn’t just used as of today by many people. Based on the old books and histories many ancient people used polymer clay to make their own jewelries as a sign of nobility and their position in their society. This may as well go along together with many native tribes all around the world.

See, making and giving a perfect present for your love one is not a big trouble anymore. It doesn’t matter if the gift is very expensive. As long as you know that it comes from the deepest part of your heart and they will surely appreciate it. You don’t have to spend too much money for such accessories. If you want to be in style be smart and look for a lot of alternatives. Just mix and wear. And be cool, be the new thread and talk of the town!

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