What are the different types of earring parts?

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By: Sweetest Charms Scribblers – Nonah Mae Espina

 Many said that earrings may originate from Asia and Egypt. An earring is a kind of jewelry where in people wears it as they attached it in their earlobes. There are different kinds of jewelries all around the world. Necklaces and bracelets are some of those while on the other hand rings is a kind of jewelry that possess a very meaningful meaning. For some rings are a symbol of love and success. However, earrings are the most appreciated jewelry of all. It might be a simple attachment in the ears but it represents not just style but elegance too and how a person looks at himself. And since earrings are small and in style they can be made through hands, many said that earrings are art beads.

There are different kinds of earrings. Naturally there are two basic types of earrings the pierced one and the clip-on. There are different parts of the earrings that you should basically love to know. Let’s starts with the ornamentals or the stones used in decorating the earrings. Diamonds are the most expensive part of the earrings but as a diamond replacement many crafters used different kind of stones and the gemstones. The long ball wire or the fish hook can be made from gold, silver or bronze. It is a part of the earrings where in you will attach it to your earlobes. Another part is the stud and hook parts may vary from different materials too. Gold, silver, bronze, and plastics are used for handmade jewelries by some crafters. Then the scroll back, it serves as the stoppers for the stud earrings. The scroll back just like the ball wire is made up of different materials too. The kidney wire provide big  spaces for any hand made beads to be put on it. The ear clips is very important part since there are other people who wants to wear big clip on earrings instead of the dangles.

In different countries earrings serves as symbol of their culture. And it can be worn by both men and women. Not all earrings are expensive you can even make your very own earrings which depends in your taste of course.

Making your special one very happy is not measured by how much money you spend just to give them a perfect present. You may buy such kinds of jewelries if you don’t have the time. However making your own idea of present to them is not a bad idea after all. There are different kinds of earrings and most of them are really lovely and very elegant. It doesn’t matter what kind of stones embellished on it. It doesn’t matter how expensive that earrings would be. As long as it comes from the heart every thing will be okay.

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