What are Swarovski crystals?

From nature to Swarovski crystals and to you

By: Sweetest Charms Scribblers – Nonah Mae Espina

Know more about crystals as a science. Crystal comes from the Greek word ‘krustallos’ which means rock crystal. These crystals are often called ice since just like the ice its molecules are more stable because of its solidity. Crystals undergo a lot of process before it turns into an accessory or decoration in your jewelries. The process called crystallization; it is a method where in a certain crystalline substance will be dissolve into a fluid. The atoms and the molecules of the crystal are systematically placed in order as if repeating into the same patterns.

Crystal as a gemstone, it has a clear color and may vary in sizes. Just like amethyst and other similar stones it is a solid member of the quartz family. Many people said that most of the crystals are found in the mountains of Alps. The old believers really think that crystals are made up from ice crystals. Crystal may be considered as a very common stone and nothing really interesting about it compare to the other expensive and colorful stones. However, this crystal stone contains an unbelievable power within it. Other gemstones have the ability to heal but through the usage of crystals, it can amplify the energies of those stones.

Crystal has different types it may be based on shape or from its properties. When we talk about shape, cubic, monoclinic, triclinic, trigonal, tetragonal, orthorhombic, and hexagonal are some of its examples. Ionic crystals, covalent crystals, metallic crystals, and molecular crystals are some of the examples of crystals based from its properties.

When we talk about the finest and made from the best quality of substances is the Swarovski crystals. Unlike other crystals it has a minute quantity of oxide which makes it more transparent and clearer compare to the other crystals. Different craftsman especially to those who are very good and skilled can make and produce variety of colors on its layers. A man responsible for creating this magnificent stone who loves to experiment electricity and founded his very own company is no other than Daniel Swarovski. He made a very interesting and useful machine that can cut and polish its glass.

Just like other gemstones and crystals it also has its own healing properties. Especially to people who suffers from joint diseases, emotional, physical and mental stress can be resolve from this crystal too. Many sufferers tend to wear different kinds of jewelries or accessories to release variety of emotional illness or depression.
Many craftsmen tend to handmade charms using Swarovski as the decorations. Swarovski necklace fits for any formal occasions or party gatherings. It is a real show of, although it’s a little bit expensive compare to the other stones but it is one of the best gems that can substitute diamonds. Swarovski bracelets are for people of all ages and for any gender too. If you want to show your love to your girlfriend or boyfriend and you don’t want to spend too much for a gift although you want it to be special then this is a good present idea. Rings have special meanings behind it. For many people a ring serves as a medium of love. During holy matrimony of marriage is a sign of exchanging sweet I do’s. Swarovski crystals can be used to adorn earrings. It adds glamour and elegance to the bearer making them the center of the crowd, many famous names around the world may have different kinds of Swarovski crystals on their treasure chests.

Stones, gemstones and crystals they look like a simple creation of nature. But undeniably it has a lot more meaning behind it. It isn’t just nice to look together with your outfit but it is a good idea when you want to see your love ones smiles at you.

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