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By: Sweetest Charms Scribblers - Nonah Mae Espina

Every people all around the world have their very own creative bones. They may deny it or not but the truth is they have it deep inside with in. they are their own crafters. They are their own artists. Many people have been given the ability to show what they have got.

Some are known to be very good painters. Most painters love to paint beautiful sceneries and sometimes do the abstract thingy. When we say artists and craftsman it doesnít stop there. By the way let us define craft first. Craft is like a special skill or skills that naturally involves and evolve in making different kinds of arts. And people who revolve their passion in making variety kinds of arts are called crafters. There are different kinds of crafters. The first one is the armor crafter; they are the one responsible in making different kinds of armors. Many years ago many soldiers went to the war together with their sword and armor. Armor is a kind of metal used as an outer covering against sharp objects, fire bullets and more. Next are the weapon smith or known as the people who customizes different kinds of weapons. The most common weapon that many weapon crafters do is the sword. Artisans or the rare material crafters are those who create things that are so rare and uncommon. Many crafters make and create accessories too. They are so skilled that even the finest and the smallest stones and materials they may transformed into an amazing crafts and really in style.

Are an aspiring artist too but you donít know where to start? There is no problem any more about that. The first thing that you should do is to look for the top favorite materials and tools for crafters and most of the artists. If you are just starting make sure to have a lot of paint brushes. The paint brushes may vary in different kinds of sizes. Look for a very nice canvass board. Or for some they just used sketch pads. Next is to find for different kinds of colors. But make sure that you should know what you are going to do. If you want to make an oil arts or just a simple water color painting then you may choose oil based colors or water color paints. Pencils are the very basic materials that an artist or a crafter should have. Palettes and mixing trays are very important if you are artists since it is where most of them mix different kinds of colors. For many crafters one of the most important materials for them is the gemstones, stones and the crystals that are used in making different kinds of accessories. The adhesives are the all purpose stuffs in making arts. They may go with papers, woods and the beads too. You canít always depend in many adhesives in making accessories; you also need some wires and elastic bands where in you may attach the beads and the charms. You canít wear your hand made charms and accessories with out the hooks. The hooks and the scrolls serve as the attachment of the jewelries both ends. There are many and different kinds of materials used by the craftsman and artists. Most of it is the dippers, easels, varnishes and more. However, all crafters and artists should have this one of a kind material, an art box or a safe place where in you can place all your tools and materials in making crafts and arts. Being an artist is not hard as long as you have the passion and the heart to do it.

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