Real or fake pearl, how can we tell?

Real or fake pearl, how can we tell?

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    Pearls are indeed a precious gem that almost everyone keeps an eye into. I even bet, you would really love to own a real pearl and supplement it to the current accessories that you have for a more fashionable approach. But hey, before thinking of spending your penny on the pearls that you see being sold around, take time to inspect first, are those pearls worth the money that you’re gonna spend?

    There are a lot of pearls that are being sold in most part of the country or even world. There are those that are truly expensive, while others are money-wise. But, do not risk your money for those pearls that are being sold in cheaper price. The term “quality than quantity” should always still be the top priority in your mind. Although, both pearls are really beautiful in nature, but you are not assured of whether its innate beauty will last from what you have expected.

Test it with your teeth
    Honestly, it sounds or even looks too awkward for you to rub the pearl into your teeth. Also, this test is really not that effective in telling whether the pearl is real or faux. For you to know whether pearls are real or not, the real ones have rougher texture than that of the fake ones. Fake ones are really smooth. Although, not all pearls coincide with this generalization. So, you still have to make another test to see whether what you own is real or fake.

Light and Sun Test
    This can be a very effective test for you to see whether your pearl is true or not. What you need to do is to place your pearl at direct sunlight, or in a very bright indoor lighting. The catch is that, true pearls have variation of colors and tones, while that of the fake ones have perfect or smooth color and tone.

Weight Test
    Although it is not that effective, but real pearls are obviously heavier than the fake ones. Real pearls have varied layers inside, unlike fake ones, so there is a greater possibility for real ones to weigh more.

Shape Test
    It is very weird for a real pearl to have a perfect round shape. Once you see a pearl with a very minimal or no asymmetry at all, then what you have might be a fake one.

    These are just a few of those tests that you can do in order to check whether what you have is real or not. Just be sure to be very keen in observing, and you will never put your money to waste.

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