Top 10 color combination for accessories.

Elegance and Sophistication through color combination

By: Sweetest Charms Scribblers - Kala Pasamba

ROYGBIV… Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet, these are the rainbow colors that give everyone a smile on their face. Have you look everywhere around you? What colors do you see? Aren’t they amazing? I guess they must be. Everyone loves colors, from the hats they wear down to the shoes they put on. Designer clothes must have color coordination to make it more stylish and attractive and so with the accessories.

What are these accessories? These are things that enhance your appearance. Accessories can create or make certain glamour to the bearer; it can append more warm, more color, and unique style to a simple outfit. Hats do not just serve as protections against the ultraviolet lights that the sun emits it also give out the beauty of the one you are wearing. Hats may vary in different colors making it more attractive and mesmerizing to the eyes. Hand bags are found everywhere; it is not just a cloth-made material where in you place your things to lessen your burden once you are travelling. Just like the hat it has its own place in the fashion industry. Jewelries are women’s best friends, they might be small but it gives emphasis to the owner. Many years ago, in some culture people wearing jewelries were the rich one. However, as of today many individuals can wear these accessories as long as they want.

Jewelries are made up of diamonds, gold, silver, expensive stones and gems. Jewelries made up of these expensive materials and stones are offered to those who can afford to have these accessories. While some buy accessories that are made up of beads. Accessories have color combinations to augment different outfits. Here are the top ten color combinations for accessories.

There are color combinations that would look good to everyone, Purple, turquoise, and bloody red is a great combination when it comes to handmade beads. Yellow, green and ocean blue are another option when it comes to beaded accessories. Other colors that would blend perfectly are the color green, yellow and orange, these colors makes a very good garden look that would complement a summer look outfit. Dark green, purple and deep blue are good color combinations and it is good if you are attending a prom night or social gatherings. Accessories combined with warm and cold colors including red, yellow, orange, deep blue, dark green and bloody red are the best beads accessories when summer comes. Related colors show synchronization with each other; these colors are red, orange, and yellow and green once these colors are combined together they will make a very astonishing look. Black and crystal clear are good combinations too; they always give a sophisticated look to the owner. Blending of black and gold or tan colors for the accessories is simply amazing, it give details to sophistication and elegance. The simple yet elegant vintage red and turquoise color combinations will last forever. Black, gray and purple present stylish gothic color combinations. The mixture of pink, turquoise, and purple, yellow, red will never fade in time.

Color combinations for accessories are eternal and infinite, you can combine all the colors you know and want for they can represent your true feelings and emotions. If you are not feeling good and you don’t want to say it, just wear the accessories which colors personally talk to them. Let it stand out, together with you.

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