How to be organized with our beads, where can we store our beads?

How can you organize your beads, well enough to be seen and not just forgotten inside a drawer?  Here are some tips on how to organize your beads. 

By: Sweetest Charms Scribblers - Kala Pasamba

First, pour out your beads in a stacking tray.  Next, label the containers.  Third, place the beads in the containers as labelled.  Last, put them in a big shoe case or “plastic storage crate” in order to put them together in one place. 

Beads may also be assorted per color.  First, put your beads in a big bowl or a bead tray. Label the bead containers by color, one for each color.  Separate the beads depending on their sizes.  Last, put them in a larger shoe box or container, so that when you do bead work next time, you’ll be able to get access to your bead’s color, minus the workspace.  It is always better to have more creating time, than spending most of your time organizing and cleaning up the beads. 

A good suggestion is to use transparent containers for beads.  Small plastic bags may also be used.  Here are some other containers where you may put your beads: Plastic tubes, which is good for small seed beads, small gemstones and small glass beads.  If the caps are loose – fitting, you may use clear tape to hold them together.   Plastic bags are used for larger gemstones and glass beads and beads strands, but it is not advisable to use large plastic bags for loose seed beads, because the beads might spill.  Flip Top boxes are good for seed beads, cylinder beads and crystals.  Organizer Boxes and Caddies can be used, just look for what works for you.  Plastic Storage Rings are good for organizing different kinds of beads.  Tackle Boxes are good to use because they have adjustable compartments which are good for customizing storage. 

Space Save Jars are good for larger beads, because they can be seen easily.  Watchmaker’s Jars are also good for several bead types and colors, also because they can be seen easily.     Other facts about beads are these: the organization of beads may depend on the size and quantity of the beads.  If you are going to produce a lot of beads, it would be good to use multiple strands for each bead.  If you make your creations on a dinner table, it would be advisable to use a “rolling tackle box” or “suitcase type organizers,” to clean them up for dinner.    Book cases and adjustable shelves may also be used for many beads.  “Round plastic tubes” are good, and even nowadays “fishing tackle boxes” are made into bead containers.  “Part Organizer Cabinets” may also be used, and these run from the floor to the wall, producing a rainbow – looking effect. 

Bead making truly is very interesting, and it is amazing on how much their storage and organizing can be made to make the most out of bead - making.   

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