Guess What? June 7, 2010 The making of?

So I'm thinking if I should keep an update on some of our production works here. So I've decided to start up with this one.  Guess what this is?

What does it look like to you? This is the part where I was layering the lettuce already.  It was painstakingly hard to do because of the texture I was trying to simulate in each of the lettuces. But the end result made it all worthwhile.

Eyes? I kinda figured, they look like cookie monsters just about now. What do you think?

I guess you've guessed just about now what they are? :)  So what do you think? Do they look yummy yet? Well we at Sweetest Charms take pride at the details with our food charms and beads. So take a look at the end result. :)

From the meat to lettuce, to the tomatoes and the buns.  :)

Take each one home, and the best of all, they are fat free! :) 
Happy Hamburger Charms!

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