Q: Do you accept international orders?
A: Yes, we accept international orders. We have a standard shipping fee $3.50 for all of our customers all over the world.  First item is $3.50 and the next product is $0.20.

Q: How do I pay for my orders?
A: All online transactions at SweetestCharms.com are handled through Paypal.

Q: Do you have a printed catalog?
A: Because we are constantly adding products and our inventory is always changing, a printed catalog would be out of date the day we printed it. For this reason, we do not produce a printed catalog.

Q: Do you have a physical store?
A: No. We are currently an online business only and do not have a retail store at this time.

Q: How long will it take for me to receive my order?
A: Items will be shipped within the next 3days upon payment.  It will be thru regular air mail which may take about 10-14 working days (in some cases even longer). If  you wish to have them shipped via registered mail (this requires that you personally receive them) or express mail or have the package insured, please let me know prior to purchasing as these would require higher shipping fee.

Q: What is your back-order policy?
A: We make every effort to maintain our inventory and mark items "out-of-stock" on our website. On occasion, however, we may have fewer items in stock than what you order. Should this happen, we will ship you what we have and adjust the amount of your purchase accordingly. We will back-order the remaining product. At this time we are unable to ship back-orders to international countries. In this case, your back-order will be cancelled. Regardless of the value of your back-order, we will make every effort to notify you by either phone or email with regard to the status of your order. International customers with back-ordered items should revisit our site frequently for those items, as we will post them back to the site as soon as they become available.

Q: What is Paypal? How do I use it?
A: Paypal is becoming a very popular way to do business on the Internet. The reason being that the only people who will have your credit card or bank account information is Paypal. With PayPal, you can send money to anyone with an email address by simply signing up and logging into your account at www.PayPal.com. To send a payment, sign in to your PayPal account and click the Send Money tab. Then enter your recipient's email address and the amount you would like to send. Your order will be processed once we are notified that your payment has cleared.

Q: What other shipping options do I have?
A: If you would like to receive your order faster than using our regular shipping method which is regular postal mail, you may request for a faster shipping method such as Fedex.
IMPORTANT: FedEx/UPS will not deliver to a P.O. Box.

Q: Do you match prices or offer wholesale or quantity discounts?
A: We offer a volume pricing system available to all our customers. And since our prices are among the best you will find anywhere, we don't need to match the prices of our competitors.

Q: Why can't I find an item that I had found before on your website?
A: If you can't find a particular item that you had found before on our website, that means it has been discontinued. Items are usually discontinued because of availability or quality issues, so we will probably not be carrying the item anytime soon.

Q: I've suggested products I would like to see you carry; what happened to my suggestion?
A: Your suggestion was heard loud and clear. Every product suggestion we get is notated in a suggestions log. The suggestions are presented to our Product Team when they are deciding what new product to add, and are a major factor in our decisions. In fact, some items we carry, like freshwater pearls, the crimp covers and many more, were not even on our radar until we heard from you! So, thanks again and keep the suggestions coming.

Q: Do you drop-ship?
A: SweetestCharms.com does not offer drop-shipping.

Q: Do you do Refunds and Exchanges?
A: We package your purchases carefully to avoid damage during transit.  However, we will not be liable for loss or damage of items shipped. It is our objective to make you happy with your purchase.  Contact us if you are in any way unsatisfied with our work and we'd be glad to offer refund (not including shipping fee) or returns within the 7days upon receipt of items.  Refunds or returns will only be given once I received your original purchase in good condition.  We'd appreciate contacting us first to settle any issues you may have with your purchase. 

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