Beads Around the World

Let's talk about beads and beads around the world.  Here is a free source for beads, jewelry and other craft information that you need to make your hobby more fun and or to help your business grow. 

All About Beads
1.  What is a Cabochon?
2.  Types of Birthstones
2.  What are the different types of gemstones?

How to's:
1.  Tools you need to make your own handmade jewelries.
2.  Where can we sell our handmade crafts online?
3.  How To Create a Food Themed Charm Bracelet

Fun Facts: 
Okay, this is just an added bonus.  We here at Sweetest Charms absolutely love fun facts.  So here's an educational treat for you.

1.  Where did Donuts Originated from?
2.  What is Kawaii?

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