About Sweetest Charms


About Us

Sweetest Charms is a very very very small company operated in a very very small town called Imus in a very small country called Philippines.  We are a specialty store carrying sweet beads and charms that you can add on to your arts and craft projects. 

Because everybody wants to be unique just like everyone else, our company strives to make charms, beads, components and other findings that are different and unique so that you can make unique stuff and be...well..be unique.   

The difference in the design between Sweetest Charms and other companies is that we offer the Kawaiiness factor.   Kawaii in Japanese means cute.  In each of our designs, we don't go ahead and design what it should be, we go ahead and go with the thought, "Why Not?"  

Our Mission
Sweetest Charms' mission is to provide supplies and unique designs to crafters, artist, designers and hobbyist around the world.  Our mission is to provide quality brand supplies to the customers needs by continually adding new imaginative products and by constantly testing the durability of these items.

Our Vision
Spreading happiness around the world with these sweetest charms.

Core Values
No matter how small we are, it is important for us to have our own core value in our store.  We base our online store with these values. So no matter how huge we may become in the future, we will base all our products, brand and company with these 10 values.   

Love for customers
2.    Humility
3.    Weirdness, Quirkiness, Happiness
4.    Family Values
5.    Adventurous
6.    Honesty
7.    Passion
8.    Teachable
9.    Serve
10.  Sweetness

50% Products
Great Products.  Uniqueness, Happiness, Strangeness, Weirdness and all the funnesseses in the world.  That's cute, nice and wholesome of course.

30% Service
Providing services 24/7.  Even if we don't sleep. All because we love you. Yes we do. We love you.
19% Surprise
A happy surprise of course.  In which we hope to leave our customers with when their packages arrive in their doorstep. But our hope is that it arrives safely on your mailbox because of rain and snow sometimes.

01% Weirdness
You leave that one percent to the crazy artist that is designing all the items in here.  

100% Love
Wait a minute, that makes 200%.  Oh well.  :)

We will strive to give you what you have paid for.  And not just that.  It is our goal to provide happy faces to those who have ordered.  Or even by just browsing online. 

John 3:16-17 “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.”

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